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Process Guides

Guide to Administration
Guide to Creditors' Voluntary Liquidation
Guide to Compulsory Liquidation
Guide to liquidation of companies in the construction industry
Guide to Bankruptcy
Options for individuals
Is a Voluntary Arrangement right for me?
Creditors' Guides to Fees


Guide to Liquidators' Fees   (issued April 2017)
Guide to Liquidators' Fees   (issued October 2015)
Guide to Liquidators' Fees   (issued October 2011)
Guide to Liquidators' Fees   (issued April 2010)


Guide to Administrators' Fees   (issued April 2017)


Guide to Trustees' Fees   (issued April 2017)
Guide to Trustees' Fees   (issued October 2015)

Voluntary Arrangements

Guide to Voluntary Arrangement Fees   (issued April 2017)
Guide to creditors' / liquidation committees